Powertex – Wearable Art “Luminous” – Ashley Bowley

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This superb Wearable Art titled “Luminous” was created by Powertex expert Ashley Bowley.

The form was sculpted using wire, cane, styrofoam, alfoil and masking tape, hardened with black Powertex.

Colourtrix metallic pigments were used for highlights.

The bodice was moulded with Stone Art, Opal Mylar was inset for refraction and finished with resin. Built-in LED panels illuminate the artwork from within.

Methods of Assembly
  • Fabric, Ribbon X & Stockinette hardened & moulded into organic shapes and forms
  • Mylar laminated & sewn with fishing line to create prismatic shapes
  • Mylar bonded to styrofoam and/or foam rubber
  • Bodice formed with plaster bandage, Powertex & Stone Art with Mylar & reflective materials inset to create reflection & refraction
  • Structure created with a combination of wire, cane, foam rubber, styrofoam, cardboard, alfoil & masking tape covered with Mylar & fabric… then painted with Colourtrix metallic pigments
  • Hinges & joiners created using tubing – poly pipe and/or PVC
  • Built-in LED panels to illuminate artwork

Purpose & Philosophy:

Light coming through the garment as light comes through the trees is the main focus of the piece. The form suggests a flower opening to reveal the stamen and inner colour as a metaphor of femininity and sensuality… Overall, the artwork symbolises the awakening of our spiritual heart…


Light coming through the trees,

Like a cathedral in the breeze.

Casting Shadows on the ground,

Light is dancing all around.

The heart awakens to the call,

The light is coming to us all.

Our colours burst for all to see,

There is still hope for you and me.

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