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Boom Gel Stain is an innovative artisan’s product that can be used in a multitude of applications. Boom can be used as a vibrant wood stain, as a fabric dye, as a paint or glaze. Boom can be applied to glass, terracotta, wood, wool, leather, concrete, canvases, tiles, felt and more.
Best of all Boom was created right here in WA.  Cass is the proud creator of this wonderful product. Having a background in Science and furniture up-cycling, Cass new exactly what it was she wanted to create. Having already produced her own Patina Powders, Furniture Wax, and Transformation Mist at home, Cass tried to extend this to include her Boom Gel Stain. This proved a difficult task and after almost setting fire to her home Cass reached out for some Laboratory assistance (Cass was no longer allowed to experiment at home).
This also was not an easy task as the first 3 laboratories were not willing to listen and hung up the telephone (assuming Cass was not of sound mind). Fortunately, phone call number 4 bought about many conversations and experiments to follow and after 6 months Boom was finally born.
Boom Gel Stain is extremely popular amongst Fluid Artists due to ease of use, Vibrancy , and Archival qualities.

Fluid Art Workshop presented by Bool Gel Stain

Come and enjoy our two  fun and easy techniques on offer using Boom gel stain.
*A set of four coasters made beautiful by you using the dip technique
*A stunning string pull technique on A4 Binko artist paper
Places are limited so purchase your kit early to guarantee a place.
Each workshop is $20 per kit and takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.
You will be provided with a foam tray to take your piece home.

Workshop times everyday

10.30am  Coasters
11.30am  String Pull
12.30pm  Coasters
1.30pm  String Pull
2.30pm  Coasters