8 visiting Exhibitions for 2019

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8 Visiting Exhibitions for 2019

Curator: Elizabeth Dubbelde

Coastal Threads 2018

Coastal Threads 2019

Desert Threads 2018

One Red Thread 2018

One Red Thread 2019

Folk Art Tales  –  Students works with Anne Kelly

House & Home – Students works with Anne Kelly

Gardens Real & Imagined – Students works with Anne Kelly

My Anne Kelly piece combines both the House & Home theme with the Gardens Real & Imagined onto an antique linen child’s dress I purchased in Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

“House & Home” & at Urunga “Gardens – Real & Imagined”.   This beautiful exhibition is the stunning result of the classes run with UK Textile Artist Anne Kelly will be on show.

For Elizabeth’s own piece she describes  “ I combined my piece onto a dress I had purchased in Spain; so my “House & Home” and my “Gardens Real & Imagined” are one piece. Hand sewing is essentially my greatest love. Classes with Anne Kelly are not prescriptive. We started with a title & Anne draws from you the thoughts & images that you feel & think about when working with a theme. The participant works with all those bits & pieces that are treasures of the heart that no one else would consider holding onto or using anymore. (yes!)