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Reena Lee Harwood –  Needle Felting and Claytasic

I have always been a highly creative person but once I found Needle Felting a few years ago my creative energy boomed .. then in my search for a product that would produce realistic looking and feeling paw pads and noses led me to Claytastic.

This was a year ago now and since I have been combining these mediums I have created many amazing and memorable pieces.

I find Needle Felting is Acupuncture for my Soul and I really enjoy the relationship I have with the wool as I stab critters into existence.

Needle Felting can be done in 3D and in 2D and takes our brains away from the side where anxiety and depression reside and into the side where imagination and creativity flourish.

Freedom through Creation !!

Claytastic is a fantastic medium that has allowed me to hone my sculptural skills quickly and without any taxing of my hands and arms which makes it perfect alongside the repetitive motion of stabbing.

Claytastic is a phenomenal product which engages people of all ages and demographics ..
anything that gets adults and children equally inspired is a WINNER in my books.

The Only Limit is Your Imagination!

Claytastic is a revolutionary new super light clay that can be modeled into anything your imagination can muster. It is a pliable and easy to work with and once set it will last forever.

Claytastic will inspire your children’s practical and creative interest, building their self confidence. It enables them to create whatever they imagine offering a good sense of satisfaction and accomplishment (this goes for adults of all ages too!).

Staying interested is the driving force in helping children learn. When kids are interested in what they are doing, they will concentrate on it and therefore improve their imagination and creativity.

Having so many colours to choose from and the ability to create many more, will enhance your child’s colour selection and recognition.

Claytastic promotes co-ordination development and dexterity between the hands, eyes and brain.

Older adults find it very relaxing and therapeutic to work with (it is being used in Nursing Homes for Occupational Therapy).

Production Information

Claytastic comes in 24 colours and any two colours can be easily mixed to create a new colour, with different proportions creating lighter and darker shades.

Claytastic is very soft and easy to use, making it popular with both children and adults.

Creations made with Claytastic will air dry at room temperature so no heating or baking required.

Claytastic is light and elastic. When you make a ball with Claytastic it will even bounce.

Once you have completed your creation, leave it in a cool and dry environment.

Do not place in direct sun light. Claytastic usually dries in about 24 hours.

Claytastic is Non-Toxic and environmentally friendly.
Keep sealed when not in use.
Once dried the clay can no longer be used.

Visit Claytastic on Facebook, Instagram and Claytastic Creations
to see what’s happening and some examples of the exciting things that children and adults are creating.

Our new Claytastic website will soon enable you to buy on-line (based in Mandurah WA) and will let you know what we are doing, where and when.

For more information or any questions/queries contact one of your WA representatives:

Susan Hayward on 0438 953 013
Reena Harwood on 0428 465 777
Lauren Tuanna on 0406 847 696