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Elizabeth Dubbelde Owner/Operator of Berry Quilting Retreat, NSW

Established since 2010

Presenting for the first time in WA 6 Superb Textile Art Exhibitions
  • One Red Thread 2016 – ‘REDemption’
  • One Red Thread 2017 – ‘REDuce’
  • Coastal Threads 2016
  • Coastal Threads 2017
  • A World of Difference 2016

I’ve been a sewist and artist all my days…

No formal training in sewing or art; sewing is second nature to me. It is an important part of my existence from early childhood. It connects me to my roots, my family, where my heart is and great memories. I can’t imagine not having a needle & thread in my hand.

Sewing by hand and machine has been a part of my existence since my very early days coming from generations of women & men who made do with what they had and creatively kept life turning over.

Playing with objects, ephemera, paper, threads, textiles, words, images. There is so much potential at every turn to create something from nothing and not particularly anything of value. It’s a personal journey and one that is never satiated.

I learnt to knit with needles honed by my grandfather from the timber skewers that kept the meat roast together for cooking. The same with crocheting, the hook was made from a timber meat skewer.

Rug hooking and learning to sew clothes from an early age….embroidery, French knitting made with timber thread spools, darning, the art of being quiet and enjoying one’s own company.

Living creatively – something we’ve somehow forgotten in this modern disposable world where nothing has value anymore and there is no sentiment for learning a true art form.

I have no formal education in the arts & while I often wonder if that would improve my way of thinking creatively it would mean me travelling and keep me indoors. I love being free and the free time to explore walks along the beach to find flat round stones for my ‘here & now’ table sculptures that I call “balancing acts” that I post on my Instagram site: elizabethaed

The art of capturing moments is another art form for me, whether they be from the garden capturing the antics of tiny frogs, insects, caterpillars to chasing clouds and the glorious colours that appear at every opportunity.

I love attention to detail; teeny tiny inspires me and I’m fascinated with intricate details. I don’t consider myself a great artist, I love what I do – it keeps me happy and amused.

Elizabeth Dubbelde
Instagram: elizabethaed