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‘Waisted – Deconstructed/Reconstructed ‘   by Elizabeth Dubbelde

Elizabeth has a new project of her own to exhibit in Perth this year.

Elizabeth was deeply disturbed by an article in the Sydney Morning Herald highlighting the amount of textiles ending up in landfill, hence, her new project began making quilts from recycled denim jeans.

“The Rivers Run Blue”  &  “Waisted – Deconstructed/Reconstructed”.

“I mourn the amount of textiles that become landfill as a result of fast fashion. Once upon a time, denim jeans were so expensive, these days every possible cheap chainstore sells denim.

At what cost to the planet’s survival can we afford to keep up the production of fast fashion? I started recycling & reusing fabrics & in particular denim as a result of the Boomerang Bag movement”