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Exhibiting in the WA CRAFT Show offers three days of superb face-to-face contact with qualified craft, quilting and stitching enthusiasts.  Our show has a superb reputation as the most exciting and enjoyable annual craft event here in Perth.
This face-to-face contact with potential customers is vital to ensure growth and future success for craft, quilting and stitching related business, giving the perfect opportunity for the public to see, try and buy & become educated on your business and skills on offer.
My firm commitment to those exhibiting is that I will work closely with each exhibitor to assist in the planning and booking process for the show.  I am keen to share my vast experience in the craft scene and believe that working together creates the best outcome for everyone.
I encourage you to discuss with me the possibility of demonstrations , classes, special exhibitions or guest artists – anything that may enhance your participation.
Most importantly, as the show organiser I fully understand the complexities of running a  small business in these highly competitive times and appreciate the commitment & expectations of the Exhibitor. I take my role very seriously and put an enormous effort into creating a high quality, inspiring and enjoyable event.
I would be very happy to discuss your potential participation.
Please email me on – mareene@trueblue-exhibitions.com.au