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On a trip to Paris, Fiona Wallace discovered a new passion for French quilting fabrics, and gorgeous cotton pyjamas.

Available now, Fiona offers a superb range of fabrics and sleepwear are from Mas d’Ouvan, designed exclusively by Bruno Lamy, a French textile artist.

We have an enormous selection of cottons, plus our unique “chambrays” which are two threads woven together, a beige and a white, before being printed.  Bruno takes his inspiration from the fabrics found throughout France’s historic manor houses, and brings them to life on his drawing board.

Visit the Fine French Linen  exhibitor stand for the best advice when “Choosing a colour palette that works for you”.  Show visitors are invited to bring in any fabric they are trying to match, and we will do our best to help.

We will be selling our French imported pyjamas and kimonos as well as some table linen too.