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Artist Profile – Fiona Jellie

As a child, and later a secondary school student, I was always captivated by stitching of any type.

University days saw me leave Colac for Melbourne.  As I studied to be a Home Economics teacher I took as many textiles units as I could.

In later years I began taking classes in patchwork.  Having made countless traditional quilts it was time to begin experimenting with art quilts.

Now, I’m working with new techniques, continuing to take as many workshops as possible and using the Internet to develop my skills.  I love being able to combine fabric and stitch with paint and mixed media. 

I’ve recently found my niche in this amazing world of textiles art. Bringing new life to vintage lace, doyleys and other household linens has allowed me to discover my style. As I plan and create each piece I keep asking “what if I…?” So many ideas waiting to be developed. Whilst I work full time, my ‘home time’ is filled with arty deliciousness. 

Like others, my inspiration often comes from what is around me,
particularly my garden and my family.