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I was born with thread in my hand and pin between my lips. I can’t remember learning to thread a needle like I can’t remember learning to use a spoon and yet I do every day, for needle and thread feed my soul.

It’s no secret that I am completely biased when it comes to thread choice. I’m sure those threads of CGT that strangely disappear while I’m stitching have found their way into my system and bonded to the strands of my DNA. Or, they are most likely stuck to my bum. Either way, they are a part of me and I like to think I’m a big part of Cottage Garden Threads too. What began as my Mum’s baby has now become mine too. In a completely non incesty kind of way.

We make a great team, my Mum and I. She is grounded, determined, like a tree taking root and holding firm against the wind blowing in all directions. No matter what threatens to blow her down, she stands strong and continues to grow. I am a bit of a dreamer, a thinker, the seeds of the tree that catch the wind and flit about here and there seeking new ground and new ideas, only possible because I am let free to be carried away by inspiration.

Whenever you thread your needle with CGT, know that you are stitching with strands of pure love. The kind of immeasurable love that exists between a Mother and a daughter. Even when the winds are inspiring change and the tree doesn’t like change very much.

So if you haven’t yet stitched with CGT, get some in your needle and feel the love.

I think of myself as a bit of a chameleon when it comes to designing, not able to pin myself to any one style. I am surrounded by so much inspiration every day that I tend to catch to catch the wind and go with it. I appreciate almost all forms of stitching, embroidery and textiles and love learning new techniques and playing with new materials.

My formal education background is in fashion design and textile design, my informal education has been from my mentors Brenda Ryan of Thimblestitch and Mum. I absorb as much knowledge as possible so that I may pass it on to others who wish to learn and even though I have been involved in textiles since I can remember, I love seeing people fall in love with it for the first time. I love that handcrafting and making is coming back! If I can be a part of spurring a new addiction to stitching, I am happy.

At the moment I am running a stitch-along using Johanna Basfords fox from her enchanted forest colouring book as the basis for the stitchery. It’s helping people widen their stitching horizons and see colouring books through the eye of their needle. I have a few more plans for collaborations this year which involves other illustrators work being translated into beautiful stitched pieces. I am also working on some original designs and while wearing my CGT hat I am collaborating with an exciting young designer on some gorgeous work involving cozy wool flannel and threads of course. Not forgetting a new range of 28 on trend thread colours with a quirky little bonus called ‘CGT EDIT’

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