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Margaret Hage  –  Textile Arts, Fine Arts & Mixed Media

Digital manipulation and print application to art textiles is a technique I have been developing within my work for a few years. This adds complexity which I find exciting and allows a deeper emotive response to my environment.  I enjoy this contrast of the spontaneity and slightly unexpected aspect of my print work to the intentional deliberate intervention which digital application allows and when I combine both applications into one work the results are exciting.
Art is my passion in all its forms, it is the essence of my soul and the reason I want to work at creating art every day and I will move with ease from stitching to painting or printing and this allows me to see no boundaries in mixing techniques or materials. I paint using acrylic and oil, draw in pastel, collage in fabric and paper, and stitch art textiles using free motion and hand embroidery. Always I am driven by my instinctual and inherent need to create and tell stories in a visual sense.

Demonstrations with Margaret Hage using the amazing New Ink Aid

Demonstrating a range of textile and mixed media techniques with an emphasis on using InkAid digital grounds to enable printed images as an exciting addition to your work. Collage, hand embroidery, free motion embroidery, printing and surface art techniques. Inkaid products are new to The Thread Studio and will allow very exciting and intriguing dimension to art and craft work.  Margaret will have a range of work and samples, hand made books and sketch books on display and is happy to explain the techniques and products she uses.

My work can be viewed