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Like most creative folk, Carmen has had a long time creative pursuits including painting, sculpting , knitting and felting.

I loved felting but “felt” that I was not getting enough satisfaction from it since I could not progress into something special to fulfil me totally.

Two years ago I met Dr Nui Milton , the owner of Casalana wool farm (in Serpentine ,WA) and got to experience her “ultrafine merino wool.”

Was a love at first touch! It took me a while to get into it. First I did spinning and later on had a go at felting it with very disappointing results.

Upon dyeing the wool I could get a variation of shades in the length of the fibre and I could  preserve the fine crimp .

I started trying to felt this wool without carding it. This wool would felt well if it is carded and laid on a  criss-cross manner, but that way I was losing the shade variation and the crimp that gives that special and unusual shine and colour gradation to the final product.

Spent many hours and was not able to get felting .After some length of time and many trials I managed to develop a technique that now I use in a very satisfactory way.

I have got what I was longing for! :a different style, a different look, the most amazing softness and a very interesting surface texture.